SLLEA (Smart Living, Learning & Earning with Autism) is committed to respecting privacy. This privacy policy governs our collection and use of personal and business information collected from visitors to our website, through our email and regular mail correspondence, telephone calls, and faxes, and reflects our policies toward privacy in respect to all other means of gathering and disseminating data.


Your privacy is important to us. Our policy for any data collected by any means, whether through the internet, email and/or any interactive forms or surveys is to use that data only for uses that are important to the SLLEA organization and cause, and consistent with the professional standards required and expected from nonprofit organizations.


Collection and Use of Personal Information


When you request information, order a product or service, register using one of our forms, donate or contact us, we may need your specific information in order to process your registration or request and reply promptly.   Part of our mission is to improve the lives of all people affected by autism.  We may ask for health-related data to help us help you through our information, our programs and our services. We may maintain internal lists of donors, applicants, and contacts. Because your physical mail and e-mail addresses are confidential, we never share either type of list with outside parties, and only key SLLEA personnel and certain technical contractors are allowed access to the areas of the computer systems in which we store our lists. Lists may be accessed for the purpose of upgrading our computer systems or distributing SLLEA newsletters, publicity campaigns, alerts, correspondence, event notifications, or other professional communications that help us accomplish our mission as a nonprofit organization.


Visitors to the Website and Website Security


The SLLEA website may collect information about each visitor to our website in these ways:


1.  through your IP address

2.  through cookies

3.    through online donations

4.   through forms and surveys

5.   through any correspondence you send us via mail to our online posted mailing address, our online listed emails, and through other forms not associated with the database.


Detail about these methods of information collection follows:


IP Addresses

Your IP address does not reveal any personal information about you or your activities. Our web server host logs all IP addresses of all visitors to automate information collection concerning web traffic, usage, length of time visitors stayed, new visitors, entry and exit points, and the like. It is also used as statistical information for reporting and to find ways to improve web usability.



Our website uses cookies to gather information about traffic and to help us evaluate how our site is being used. enhance your visit to our site. Cookies are used to customize web pages to provide the user with preferences. They can be deactivated in your browser if you wish by configuring your browser's preferences not to accept them. No information gathered by any cookies we have on our site is used to disseminate information about your personal use of the Internet, nor will it be used by SLLEA for any marketing or advertising purposes.


Online Donations

We use a secure server for online donations.  This secure server software encrypts all information you input before it is sent to us.  All of the customer transactional data we collect is further protected against unauthorized access with the use of digital certificates. SLLEA does not share our contributor names or contact information with other companies or organizations.


Online Forms and Surveys

Online forms generated by our database may gather information about you.  None of this information is shared with third parties, except that which is intended to be

shown on results pages as delineated on the form. If you post information that is available on the web, and wish to have it removed or corrected, please contact us, and we will comply with your request as soon as possible.


Occasionally we may ask you to participate in an online survey in the interest of accomplishing our mission. Such surveys are always on a volunteer basis, and it is not necessary for you to fill it out. Should you decide to fill a survey out, the types of information that are collected may include demographics such as zip codes, age group, services received or provided, etc. However, none of this information will be collected on any one individual or that can be used to identify any one individual. Survey information is used in the aggregate to improve our organizational and online services.



None of your contact information or any of your correspondence that you send via regular mail, online through forms, through email, or any other means is ever sold to third parties under any circumstances, and is used only to conduct our daily business in accomplishing our mission under our policies as a nonprofit entity.


SLLEA Sharing Practices


No personally identifiable information that we collect is shared with any third party except as aggregated statistics for organizational reporting purposes, capturing and defining web traffic patterns, and website improvement. Information of this kind is never used to track or monitor individual users.


If you send us questions about our website content or any of our areas of operation, we may forward your request for information to parties who would be able to assist you, or we may respond to you with that information in kind. You may at any time request us not to do so, and we will comply with that request, except as we are required by legal regulations or a court order to do so. It is unlikely we will contact you for verification, but we reserve the right to do so, should it become necessary.


If you contact us by email or phone, we may ask you to verify your

personal information so that we may respond to your inquiry with an assurance of your identity.


Once you are part of our contact/distribution lists, you can opt out any time you like by contacting us at


Links to Other Websites


SLLEA serves as an information clearinghouse for the autism community.  Although we work hard to make sure we are linking to appropriate sites, we are not responsible for the privacy practices, content of or transactions you do at sites to which we link.  SLLEA makes no guarantee about linked websites and users are responsible to be fully informed about the linked website’s online policies, and will hold SLLEA harmless of all disputes that arise through use of a linked website.


Corrections to Personal Information


If your personal or your organization's information needs to be updated, please

contact SLLEA at


If you believe that your personal and/or private information is being used for a purpose other than its intended purpose, or if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or the practices of our site, contact SLLEA at


Updated:  November 2015.