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  • Vocational career counseling and testing

  • Mentoring program with local professionals

  • Facilitate and coordinate supports in employment and career

The combined unemployment and underemployment of adults with autism is estimated at an astounding 90% nationwide, greater than any other developmental disability. Most who are employed are doing menial jobs far below their skill and testing level.

Most individuals with higher functioning autism possess attributes that are in high demand among employers including high intelligence, out-of-the-box thinking, excellent visual perception, memory for detail, ability to remain highly focused, and an intense commitment to high quality work. Most, however, face autism-specific barriers to gain entry and retain employment that require assistance to successfully overcome.

SLLEA facilitates and supports the career development plans that are developed through the Individual Support Plan (ISP). In addition, SLLEA students can access vocational career counseling and testing to help identify interests and strengths, and get assistance in setting career goals that align with their interests and strengths, and which coordinate well with their educational pursuits. SLLEA further assists our students to get relevant volunteer and work experience in the community. Students may also participate in a mentorship with a local professional or seek employment experience directly with SLLEA.